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Experience The Magic Of Resin

Each piece is a product of personal connections and intuitive emotions that are expressed through mixed media and brought to life by resin.

When I create, I feel alive and energetic, yet at the same time, it also puts me in a meditative state.
There is a strong sense of contentment that can't be replicated in any other experience.
- iefje Boissevain

Meet the Artist

Welcome to the colourful and textured world of iefje Boissevain, a self-taught artist hailing from beautiful Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. With a mischievous sense of humour and a paintbrush that’s always ready for action, iefje opened her own successful gallery back in 2009, UnderArt Gallery.

iefje’s tactile masterpieces come to life with a distinct glass-like finish and a luminosity that makes each piece shine like a supernova. Her paintings are an explosion of vibrant hues and playful textures that leap off the surface, inviting you into a world where colour knows no bounds.

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What makes Boissevain Art so special ?


We take pride in an unconventional and flamboyant style that’s been perfected over the last 14 years.

We developed a technique that brings a distinct gloss and luminosity to every piece, thanks to the magic of resin.

We offer tailor-made art in unique sizes based on your space’s specifications.

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You can try it before you buy the art virtually. Send us a photo and we’ll superimpose your artwork so you can sleep on it.

We use various media to bring a diversity of colour, texture, and mood to each piece of art.

We never push a sale and keep each conversation genuine. Even if you don’t buy, the formed relationship is already a win for us.

Beautiful Art - Finding Beautiful Homes

Handcrafted resin art by iefje Boissevain

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I connected to iefie's art and this specific piece in a very personal way. It took me to my childhood when life was simple and there was just family, fun and friends. I am mesmerised by the materials used, the gorgeous combination of texture, layers, metals and resin, resulting in a glossy rich finish. I look at it every day and love it more and more.

— Clancy Barrett, Cairns

iefje has created an amazing piece of artwork capturing the essence of our home and its surroundings. It is a truly beautiful and unique. We love it!

— Paul & Cathy Bugeja, Cairns